Disk Recovery Wizard

Assistant to recover deleted files from a disk


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Disk Recovery Wizard is an application to recover files deleted from a hard disk by error. This program can come in handy for anyone who deleted something and thinks it to be irretrievable.

Disk Recovery Wizard works as an assistant so it's really simple to use. You only have to follow the steps shown on the interface of the program, select some of the hard drives of the computer and let the program do its job.

In a matter of minutes (more or less depending on the capacity of your equipment and the size of the disk to be examined), Disk Recovery Wizard shows you all the files that can be recovered in a perfectly organized tree diagram. In addition to moving between the files as if you were using a conventional file browser, you also have the option to view the content of the files if their format allows it. That way you can be completely sure that you will recover what you've been looking for.

Disk Recovery Wizard supports FAT and NTFS file systems, and can work with both hard disks as external memory devices such as SD cards, MMC, CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, USB sticks, external disks and even with digital cameras connected to your PC.

In the trial version you can only see the files that the program can recover, but you cannot restore them.

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